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Josco Metal Polishing Kit – 5 Piece

Product Description

Josco’s 5 Piece Metal Polishing Kit provides high quality polishing for both the DIY and professional user. It’s ideal for use on aluminium, steel, copper, brass and stainless steel. It is the perfect kit for when you want to get a high quality finish when polishing mufflers and wheels, golf clubs, motorbikes etc.

The kit contains 1 x Spindle Mounted Sisal Buff, 1 x Spindle Mounted Calico Buff, 1 x Spindle Mounted Tapered Loose Leaf Buff, plus SS and Fastcut compounds.

The Fastcut Grey Compound should always be used with the Sisal Buff. They are ideal for cutting back light scratch marks prior to polishing copper, brass and stainless steel.

The SS White Compound is designed for use with the Loose Leaf Calico Buffs. It will give you a high gloss finish on aluminium and aluminium alloys.

Max RPM 4500.

Vendor : Josco